The MagBag

Problem: To utilize a shopping bag in a novel, yet practical fashion for this highly visible and innovative liquor advertiser.

Solution: The Patented MagBag

This project was developed in association with the importers of Absolut Vodka and their advertising agency. Since Absolut is a major print advertiser and shopping bags are a utilitarian form of advertising, it seemed appropriate to combine the two and create a powerful impression. The bag was bound into the magazine during the regular bindery and removed by the reader. The project was successful on several levels; as an advertisement it offered wide exposure; as a shopping bag it extended the boundaries of the printed page by becoming a functional object, reinforcing brand identity at the consumer level. The bags were a showcase for artists to create five "walking works of art" that in turn sold more magazines. Readers were encouraged to collect all five designs, which ran in different magazine issues. MagBags have been spotted in Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.

The Absolut MagBag