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You want your retail packaging to turn heads. To do that, you start with great design but you need impeccable reproduction of that design. At Modern Arts, we achieve this through world class printing, advanced technical know-how, state of the art manufacturing equipment and craftsmen that care.

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Welcome to Modern Arts Packaging

Modern Arts Packaging, America's leader in RETAIL PACKAGING for over 47 years delivering quality graphics and innovative solutions for Shopping bags, boxes, printed tissue, ribbon and more. We manufacture coordinated programs or single items for major brands - discriminating retailers, department stores, cosmetic companies, specialty stores and designer boutiques that demand award winning packaging.

Retail Packaging News

The Ubiquitous Shopping Bag

What is a shopping bag? Although the answer may seem obvious, since it has dominated our 47 year company history and is the primary product focus into our future - we wanted to take a closer look. Our objective has always been and continues to be - to design and build a better shopping bag. By definition, a shopping bag is a three-dimensional object equipped with two handles. It is usually constructed of paper, plastic or other material and has two primary functions: to transport items conveniently and to advertise a particular establishment, company, brand or message.

The original purpose of bags was to carry a variety of small objects from one place to another - conveniently and safely. Transport is still the primary function, but aesthetics and advertising have become an essential part of the branded message.

The materials used in shopping bags must be strong, comfortable for a person to carry and accept inks and dyes readily. The most common are paper bags, often strengthened with lamination. Another material is plastic bags however, the current "eco awareness" has had an impact and we see many clients trending towards more eco friendly bags solutions.

The comfort and function of a shopping bag are the most important design considerations. The most dynamic graphics will remain unseen if nobody wants to carry the bag. The handles should be comfortable and easy to carry, the bag proportion well-designed to fit the product as well as the person carrying it. Custom bags can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - the most familiar being the oblong and mini rectangle (think Tiffany) with two cord handles - however the more unusual, the more attention it will grab.  In many urban and suburban areas, one often is noticed by the bags they carry - and judgments are made. Ah yes, that person is incredibly hip, sophisticated, cool, etc. Bags become status symbols and they get noticed!

When designing a shopping bag one must truly consider the medium. Unlike a print ad or signage, the shopping bag is a 3-dimensional moving object. It is the most economical, least expensive way to advertise your brand. Carried by mall goers and urban street shoppers alike your bags with their branded message can travel from New York to Hong Kong and make impressions all along the way.

In terms of materials, only very strong substrates can be used for bags such as natural, bleached, and beater tinted kraft papers; coated krafts; synthetic papers, textured papers, low and high density plastics. Laminations can be applied for added strength. Each of these materials accepts inks differently and the printing methods vary. Further, in automatic, machine-made productions seam and handle placements are dictated and must be considered when designing bags.

Like any other endeavour in communication arts, the effectiveness of bag design is dependent upon a clear understanding of visual, marketing and technical considerations. With our staff of knowledgeable professionals, we can help translate your message into walking billboards. Shoot us an email or give us a ring. We are happy to discuss your project.

Check Out Our New Die-Cut Handle Bag Section!!!

Lean, Green, Toting machines . . . Die-Cut Handle Bags offer affordable, fantastic marketing opportunities to promote your brand. By taking advantage of the handle area and incorporating it into your design, the bags become walking billboards and attention grabbers. Affordable, efficient in design and construction and made from kraft base papers, the bags save on shipping & storage costs and can be recycled. They are strong yet lightweight and have cardboard reinforcements. You can print messages on the outside and inside. People will notice your great design and show them to colleagues and friends. Submit your RFQ today and let us show you why Die-Cut Handle bags are a great, green packaging solution.

Modern Arts® New, Eco-friendly, Reusable Shirt Box

Versatile, sturdy,and reusable, the new "soft box" from Modern Arts can be manufactured in an assortment of green fabrics and materials. Value-engineered to be as cost effective as standard boxes, this line of sustainable packaging is also available in individual soft necktie boxes.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging:

* Is beneficial, safe and healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle;
* Meets market criteria for performance and cost;
* Is sourced, manufactured, transported and recycled using renewable energy;
* Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials;
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Environmental Solutions

Modern Arts and shoppingbags.com offers a wide variety of green environmental packaging solutions, including many custom blends of 100% post consumer recycled papers. Browse through our collection of natural woven and non-woven green bags, including our patented Modern Arts E-bag, designed for maximum reuse and functionality. Look for Modern Arts' latest innovation in sustainable retail packaging, The PET Bag, a reusable bag for the 21st Century, made of 100% recycled post consumer water bottle waste material.