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Take Your Packaging To The Next Level!

Our Designer's Toolbox holds a treasure trove of ideas to help you take your concept from good to ... brillant! Here you'll discover solutions you might not have imagined: unique shapes that command attention. Custom base papers that enhance the aesthetics. Creative handle choices in unexpected materials -- cord, ribbon, fabric -- even die-cut handles that become an attention-getting design element on their own.

Ready To Produce Your Project?

Producing a stellar package requires more than innovative design. You need to understand the technical aspects, too. So we've packed the Designers Toolbox with a wealth of useful information to guide you through the process. You'll find a primer on printing techniques, printing specs, a cost and price review, and a section on environmentally-friendly packaging.

Retail Packaging Technical Information - All the information you need to design: base materials, printing specifications, environmentally smart packaging and more.
Proofing Options

Review your packaging design / project with us Discuss packaging possibilities and technical details with one of our design consultants.

Color Control - Managing color throughput press runs and multiple packages.

Printing Techniques - Basic rules and concepts for offset, flexo, heat-stamping, embossing, screenprinting and more.

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