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Biers Snap-up Boxes - traditional folding box, ships flat, interchangable top and bottom

Simplex Boxes - our highest quality folding box which resembles a set-up box, ships flat

Pillow Pak Boxes - one piece unique construction Euro-style, ships flat

Garment Boxes - ideal folding box as carry out package for mens or ladies coats and suits

Jewelry Boxes - this rigid setup box is filled with cotton to cradle the contents

Round or Oval hat Boxes - hat boxes are available nested, with different handles, and with ribbing or piping on the top.

Rigid Set-up - Available with full or partially telescoping top, with piped or decorated edges, and in any size up to 30 inches square by 7 inches deep

Metal Edge Box - functional and strong, great design statement, silver, colored or metallic edges-top only or box and top 

One-Piece Tuckit - comes flat, economical available in 25 try using:  packed flat to save on shipping.  One of our most economical boxes.  Available in 24 sizes.

Rigid Top and Folding Bottom  - basic tops fit different size Hi walls has all the quality and image of a rigid set up box  Try using:  This high-wall box is more economical than a rigid setup box but conveys the quality image of a setup box.  One basic top fits different box sizes.

Custom Product Boxes  - custom designed and sized to your specific product needs and specifications unique constructions, full color printing that attracts attention.

Unique boxes/ Promotional - machine or hand made in virtually any shape or configuration, available folding or rigid, hinged, acetate window, platform, die cut to hold product  Try using:  Made by hand or machine in virtually any shape or configuration you want.  Options include folding or rigid, hinged tops, acetate windows, internal platform to raise contents.

Clear Acetate boxes- folding or rigid.  In any shape or size! Offered in many translucent colors to showcase your products.

Modern Arts Packaging carries the entire range of unprinted AND custom printed retail boxes and packaging, from the most simple and classic to specially designed sizes, shapes and configurations made only once, just for you.   We will collaborate with you to make sure you get the perfect package for your needs, at prices value-engineered to fit your budget.  Get a free quote for retail boxes, no obligation!   We can make boxes for you from many different materials; see our wood boxes, plastic boxes, tin boxes, other metal boxes, paper boxes including corrugated cardboard boxes, metal edge boxes, and our own "soft box."

Browse our website to see the many shapes and styles we offer including giftware boxes, hat boxes, cosmetics boxes, cotton-filled jewelry boxes, and retail packaging boxes and set-up boxes, garment bags and garment boxes including wedding dress boxes, heart-shaped boxes, gable boxes, hinged boxes, acid-free and archival boxes, and even retail counter displays.  For food applications, we have take-out food boxes, candy boxes, bakery and cake boxes, other kinds of food packaging and food boxes, including boxes with acetate tops,  clear-lid/vu-top boxes,

Modern Arts Packaging offers eco-friendly boxes and other kinds of plain and printed packaging.  Shapes include pyramid boxes, elliptical boxes, oval boxes, square boxes, rectangular boxes, pillow-pac boxes, clear custom-shape boxes and clear PVC plastic boxes, nested boxes, and more!  Styles we offer include lock-corner boxes, Beers boxes, simples boxes, folding boxes, display boxes, flip-top one-piece apparel boxes, nesting boxes,  high-walled two-piece boxes with rigid lids, rigid clear round boxes and frosted plastic boxes, platform boxes, all kinds of two-piece boxes, and promotional boxes.  We even offer cardboard tubes and paper tubes, promotional displays and promotional containers and retail counter displays.  We can do it all!


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