Polyprepylene (PP) Lamination for Shopping Bags and Packaging


  • Available in a gloss or matte finish
  • Adds a considerable amount of strength and prevents tearing and cracking
  • Acts as a moisture barrier and prevent inks from rubbing off
  • Adds rigidity
  • Matte lamination scuffs more than gloss
  • Lamination is NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY mixing two different materials that cannot be recycled
  • When printing on the inside of a bag (sheet) and lamination on the outside bag, certain problems can result
  • There are two basis styles of the laminating process: water process and heat process. Water process takes longer to dry and is not a good system where press approvals are required.
  • Lamination will often change the image color and affects color reproduction, sometimes adding a yellow or blue hue. Care should be used on very sensitive color jobs including four color process. A good pressman can some times compensate for the lamination but this is an art and not an exact process.

Laminator Specifications:

  1. Usable working width: 1020mm

  2. Paper gram weight: 80gsm - 4600gsm

  3. Max paper size in case of sheets: 1020mm x 965mm

  4. Max roll diameter: 1020mm

  5. Thickness and OPP diameter: 10 to 50 microns, dia 610mm, width 1016mm

  6. Thickness, size and diameter of micro corrugated board: Thickness 1.5mm - 2mm, E-flute

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