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Paper shopping bags personalized with your brand or logo carry a tremendous advertising value. Much less expensive than traditional media, your customers actually advertise your brand for you, becoming walking billboards as they tote bags with your name and graphics around town and the world. And the more interesting the design- the more attention it will draw. People will notice your paper shopping bags in NYC or in Hong Kong. For over 47 years ModernArts has manufactured great design in packaging. We offer a wide variety of styles, structures and materials. If you are buying smaller quantities or bulk paper shopping bags; size large or small paper shopping bags we can meet your needs. Need a rush delivery order for paper shopping bags? Check out our in stock paper shopping bags.

And when it comes to wholesale paper shopping bags - we offer great values. Whether your interest is in cosmetic or retail paper shopping bags; recycled paper shopping bags; traditional paper shopping bags with handles; brown or white kraft paper shopping bags; Die-cut handle paper bags; tin tie coffee bags; single-strap apple bags; flat or square bottom merchandise bags we do it all. Check-out our styles, fill out a request for quotation, and find out just how cost efficient custom paper shopping bags can be not to mention what they can carry.