Custom Garment Bags - Zipper Front of Plastic Rolls

Having customers carry their purchase home in a garment cover that advertises your brand is a terrific way to make a lasting impression.

Who doesn’t love a great garment bag? Once your garment bag is reused for travel and transport - the impression will be made over and over again. The more beautiful and unique the design of a garment bag leads to more visibility for your brand.

Garment bags come in a wide variety of sizes and base materials, including vinyl, plastic, and non-woven fabrics.

Depending upon the quantity, they can be customized to reflect your unique needs with silkscreen printing and hot stamping.

Offered in different lengths to accommodate your needs, these bags are commonly used by clothing retailers for suits, dresses, formal wear and bridal gowns.

You can further customize your garment bag with zipper and window pocket placement.

These bags are usually manufactured domestically but can also be manufactured overseas should your specifications demand it. In either case our commitment is to unsurpassed quality and great value at competitive prices.

If you need assistance finding the right materials or sizes to fit your needs, please contact one of our sales specialists.

Garment bags offer the perfect companion for your special garment and leave your customers with a lasting impression of your brand!