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Printed Tissue - White, Kraft or 70 Base Color Options

Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Endless variations of colors, patterns, designs, and customization!

There's something for every taste, need and budget in our tissue-paper collection. Tissue paper fully enhances the gift-giving or packaging experience. Nothing steps up the presentation and protection of clothing, jewelry, millinery, cosmetics, shoes, art or gifts like tissue paper!

Please select your quantity:
10 Ream (4800 Sheets) Minimum for Custom Imprinting

10 - 40 ReamsMore Than 40 Reams
  • ENHANCE YOUR BRANDING, VALUE-PERCEPTION, ECO PLATFORM --- ALL AT ONCE: ModernArts' highest-quality tissue paper is eco-friendly, made from Kraft, and custom-printed with your logo or virtually any image! Custom tissue paper, whether bulk tissue paper or in smaller quantities, sends an indelible message to your customers. Bulk tissue paper keeps you serving your clients in style, for months and years. Wholesale tissue paper supports a healthy bottom line.

  • PLAIN OR PRINTED, IN OVER 50 COLORS, WITH NO GRAPHIC LIMITATIONS: ModernArts features eco-friendly tissue paper in many unique styles --plain and/or custom-printed. Choose from natural white or Kraft tissue, Ph-neutral tissue, in over 50 fashion-based colors, with no graphic restrictions. Colored tissue paper and printed tissue paper add unique punch and style to shopping bags and gift boxes throughout the year!

  • COUNTLESS FUNCTIONS: from shopping bags to boxes, nothing is more effective in the unveiling of clothing, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, art or gifts, than tissue paper. Tissue paper is also a key addition to couture and gift departments; designer studios; craft environments; PR and Media Divisions; and works extremely well as wrapping paper. Why not invest in bulk tissue paper, customized to enhance your branding? Our wholesale tissue paper at factory-direct prices makes your life cost-effective and simple.

  • WHOLESALE TISSUE PRICING Whether or not you buy plain or custom-printed tissue, ModernArts always features wholesale tissue ---so, you save on all the packaging and accessories that you need with one click! Don't forget to add these keywords to your branding lexicon: printed tissue paper, colored tissue paper, custom tissue paper and bulk/wholesale tissue paper. And of course, while you are at it, add our URL www.shoppingbags.com to your list of favorites.

  • DELIVERY: 6-8 weeks
    1. FLEXOGRAPHIC in a maximum of four colors, in any PMS shade or metallic ink.
    2. DIGITAL, a brand-new printing procedure, which permits a four-color process with no graphic restrictions.
  • SIZES: 20" x 30" or 15" x 20"

Printed Tissue Colors



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