Custom Retail Packaging Base Paper Guide

Custom Paper For Packaging and Retail Bags

More and more designer stores and upscale retailers are building packaging programs around a unique custom paper which becomes a recognizable design element of their packaging. These “signature” papers are available from a few paper mills that will for the first time produce in relatively small quantities.

Special Features

Custom Colors - Virtually any color, hue or brightness can also be developed to meet specific requirements fluorescents, colored fibers, parchments, beautiful whites, tinted neutrals, rich darks all are possible.

Typically a customized color matching facility computer are used to ensure minimum color variation regardless of the light sources proper dyes and giving papers different performance characteristics such as increased light fastness and resistance to tarnishing of foil blocking.

Custom Embossing - Normally done after the paper is made. There are thousands of existing engraving rollers to choose from: animal hide, natural textiles and mineral patterns. Custom rollers are also possible. Often a combination of two different patterns will result in a unique finish.

Custom finishes - Can be achieved on the wet end of the paper machine during the manufacturing process or can be embossed off the paper machine. Water marks, laid patterns and felt marks are typical or standard finishes.

Furnish - The strength of cotton content, the versatility of sulphite.
Cotton content can range from 10% to 100%. Custom papers can be produced with varying amounts of softwood and hardwood deepening on the specific performance needs of the package.

Recycled Content Papers - Recycled content paper can be reduced from recycled fiber ranging from 10-100% (no more than 80% is recommended for bag applications) or with one of the many tree free fibers, such as bamboo.
(see our technical memo on this subject)

Custom Weights and Sizes - Great flexibility in basis weights and strength characteristics can be built into a run and often two or three different weights can be combined on one run. Base paper of one basis weight can be made at the same time as boxboard. This guarantees consistent color matching and will mean that the minimums can be easily achieved.

Special Performance Enhancements - Paper performance, strength and other special features can be custom engineered so that the material is not over or under designed. This saves money while offering the proper strength features.

Any existing paper sample can be analyzed for basis weight, two or three strength factors (tear, burst, Mullen)

Cost Features - By producing custom sizes that fit exact requirements waste is eliminated and frequently saves money.

Custom orders can now be produced in quantities as low as 5,000 - 10,000 lbs. This means that a typical shopping bag of 16" W x 6" G x 16" H will require a quantity of around 15,000 bags.

Paper mills usually cycle color shades going from light to dark and production timing is effected as a result of this process. Normally with an initial run, plan for an additional 3-4 weeks for paper development added to standard or seasonal production time-frames.

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