The Pantone Foil Stamping Color Selector

A selection of approximately 100 colors, including gold, silver, metallized colors and pigmented foils provide a standard through which designers may specify foils for use in their designs. The exciting and creative elements introduced by foil stamping may now be specified with the same confidence as when using other Pantone Matching Systems.

The Pantone Foil Stamping Color Selector also provides a standard means of identifying color, which enables foil stampers to better cross-reference between foil manufacturers. This is important because of the need to apply specific formulas which may or may not be available from every manufacturer. In this way, the foil stamper is able to cross reference a foil color to various manufacturers to find a formulation that is right for the job. Pantone's preeminent position in the graphic arts industry also ensures increased participation in the standardization of foil colors to the Pantone Color System in future products.

Pantone Color Cross-Reference