Retail Packaging Technical information Guide


Album Paper: Long fiber, uncoated paper

Art Board: Paper that is coated on one side. 4 color process is OK, Paper color is slightly yellowish. Non-cracking on inside.

BHKP: Bleached hardwood kraft pulp.

BKP: Bleached kraft pulp (includes all softwood and hardwood kraft pulp).

BSKP: Bleached softwood kraft pulp.

CWF: Coated wood free printing and writing paper (see wood free paper).

Duplex: Two ply’s of paper laminated (glued together) same or different materials or colors.

Kraft paper: Paper made from kraft pulp-bleached or unbleached. It is a strong paper used principally for wrapping or packaging.

Kraft pulp: The Kraft process is the world's predominant chemical pulping process. The name is derived from the German word for "strong." The method involves cooking (digesting) wood chips in an alkaline solution for several hours during which time the chemicals attack the lignin in the wood. The dissolved lignin is later removed leaving behind the cellulose fibres. Unbleached kraft pulp is dark brown in color, so before it can be used in many papermaking applications it must undergo a series of bleaching processes.

LWC: Light Weight Coated. A grade of mechanical printing paper usually weighing less than 60 gsm. Used mainly as a publication paper where surface quality and weight are important.

Manila Board: Used as reinforcing board for bottom or turn-top area.

NBSK: Northern bleached softwood kraft pulp, the industry's benchmark grade of pulp. Market NBSK is produced mainly in Canada and the Nordic countries. Some NBSK is also produced in north-western USA and in Russia.

Newsprint: Paper made for the purpose of printing newspapers. Varieties of newsprint are also used for directories (when it is described as directory paper) and for some magazines and comics. In parts of Asia, newsprint also finds an end-use in school exercise books. The furnish of newsprint is mainly mechanical pulp and / or recycled fiber.

UWF: Uncoated wood free printing and writing paper (see wood free paper).

Wood free paper: A printing and writing paper which contains little or no mechanical wood pulp. For statistical purposes any paper which contains less than 10% mechanical pulp is categorized as wood free. If the proportion is greater than 10% it is categorized as mechanical paper. Wood free paper may be coated (CWF) or uncoated (UWF). Wood free paper is sometimes known as "fine paper." In the United States, wood free paper is known as "free sheet."

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