Separations and Art Requirements for 4-Color Process Printing

Frequently the designs and art used for bag art are also used for publishing, advertising, posters and ensembles such as matching gift wrap, tissue, marketing ads, banners etc. It is very important to use the same approved electronic file (final color corrected file used to produce your proof) for every item. This will ensure the closest possible match given the printing method, substrate, and other variables used to produce each product. Whenever possible supply the first printed product with your electronic file. Be sure the file is your final color corrected approved file.

  1. Download a template from our website or request via e-mail.

  2. Provide to Modern Arts a PDF file or thermal as close to 100% size as possible for initial review. This will allow us to help your Designers and eliminate any potential problems. All artwork must be high resolution. Please keep in mind, process and line work (type) cannot print on the same station in the press due to different ink volume and anilox requirements. Thus, artwork and files must use a separate layer. Knock out of type and trap of process under type and line work is required. Up to 6 colors can be used, typically 4 color process plus 2 line colors. Do not knockout under black type or line work. Do not use rich black or process builds for type or logo’s. Maximize the availability of 6 colors.

  3. Be sure artwork provided for separation is exactly what you want us to produce. Adjustments or changes for color correction during initial separation increase your costs either up front or add to your original cost later.

Designs cannot contain void areas in process. Void areas create hard edges (no 1% dot pin dot or isolated dots) all separation and printing plate charges are billed at cost: artwork and color changes submitted after original separations will result in additional.

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