Non-Woven, Reusable Base Materials for Retail Packaging

Non-Woven Material / Products

Non-woven polypropylene (P.P.) fabric is made of spun bond polypropylene which can be recycled, naturally decomposes and completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutant.

Non-woven P.P. carries a lot of useful properties; e.g. water resistance, air permeability, fire resistance, soft, no allergies to human bodies, therefore it can be applied to manufacturing a useful list of products which include shopping bags and agriculture industry products, as well as manufacturing family products with this material. One of our factories enjoys the ability to make the non-woven fabric and then fabricate the finished product. We can thus QC the entire process from start to finish.

Non woven material is excellent when utilized for packaging; typically bags which have very functional use and durability. Because of this materials strength, the variety of colors available, the workability, and reusability, many interesting styles of bags can be produced.

The possibility of recycling and reusing this material also makes environmentally friendly.

Printing is best achieved by silk screen or by heat transfer.

Virtually any bag shape or configuration can be produced.

Custom textures and colors can be achieved although require minimum quantities.

If ordering a quantity between 1,000 and 5,000, there are many stock film colors to choose from. The minimum quantity for custom colors depends on the bag size you are ordering.

This product is produced in the USA, Europe and the Orient.

Weight in Grams per Square Meter (gsm) Color Availability
80 gsm Stock Colors
90 gsm Custom Only
100 gsm Custom Only
150 gsm Maximum Weight

Stock Colors Available

  • Cardinal Red
  • Snow White
  • Tusk Ivory
  • Sailor Navy
  • Valentine Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Rainforest Green
  • Tuxedo Black
  • Peacock Teal
  • Military Khaki
  • Camel Beige
  • Carrot Orange
  • Baby Blue
  • Raspberry Red
  • Sage
  • Aqua Blue
  • Island Pink
  • Sea Green
  • Neon Green
  • Bright Fuchsia
  • Cotton Candy Pink
  • Purple Grape
  • Merlot Burgundy
  • Golden Caramel
  • Java Brown
  • Sunshine Yellow

Modern Arts holds a patent on the "E-bag", which was a project we completed for Dow Chemical made from non-woven material. The assignment was to design the most practical reusable and user-friendly shopping bag. With a budget of $200,000 and two design firms (Design Frame and Donovan and Green) this project took two years to complete. Extensive studies were done through focus groups, interviews and photography on how people generally hold bags and the most comfortable way to carry them. No bag has ever been so carefully designed. Some of the unique characteristics where it’s ability to fit into a pocket or purse (small area), the functionality of over the shoulder, back pack or by hand and its durability for use over at least a year or more with everyday use. Other uses for non-woven material include conventional shopping bags, garment bags, folding gift box/travel system duffel bags and light weight tissue.

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