Retail Packaging and Shopping Bags Paper Tests

Burst: An irregular separation or rupture through the paper or package.

Air Shear burst: Burst caused by air trapped in the winding roll producing rupture of the web along the machine direction.

Caliper Shear Burst: Cross machine tension burst that generally occurs between an area or relatively high and low caliper extending for some distance in the machine direction due to non uniform nip velocities between hard and soft sections of the roll.

Core Burst: Inter-layer slippage just above the core, often over the key way, which terminates and Air Shear Burst. Core bursts are most often seen on core-supported unwinds and winders.

Mullen: Measurement of the force required, in pounds per square inch, to rupture a sheet of Kraft Paper. Also known as bursting strength.

Bursting Strength: The resistance of paper to rapture as measured by the hydrostatic pressure required to burst it when a uniformly distributed and increasing pressure is applied to one of its side.

Tensile Strength: A measure of how likely a paper is to break when pulled at opposite ends. This is very important when running through high speed web presses.