Modern Arts Packaging Distribution Services

Modern Arts offers a full service distribution network with regional warehouses. Services are available in the U.S. and Europe, as well as throughout the Pacific Rim. We provide logistics excellence through online tracking and web technology.

World Wide Distribution

ModernArts distribution services utilize customized supply chain management solutions including supply network and online data management. Our anticipation of customer needs offer clients cost savings, productivity enhancement, inventory management, and design development and review.

Distribution Services encompass:

Customer focused quality process

  • Key areas of measurement:
  • Order fill rate
  • On-time deliveries
  • Returns
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Packaging quality / color matching
  • Printing appraisals
  • On press reviews

Account specific strategies

  • Elimination of redundancies
  • Innovative solutions
  • Best cost capabilities
  • Best suppliers
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Commitment to mutual financial goals
  • Customized program development
  • Customized product development
  • Logistics excellence
  • E-commerce development
  • International scope
  • Financial strength

Customized Program Development

  • Recognize the individual needs of each customer
  • Awareness of the changing retail environment
  • Plan for the seasonality of retail
  • Forecast the growth of the customer
  • Logistics Excellence
  • Product production
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation
  • Domestic
  • International
  • Information systems
  • E-commerce

Web Technology

  • Online product selection
  • On-line product reordering
  • Real time inventory
  • Order status
  • Order history

Internet procurement systems

  • Easy to use on-line ordering procurement system
  • Choose products from pre-assigned categories
  • Put them in your shopping cart
  • Checkout when finished
  • Individual log-ons per buyers denote
  • Who they are
  • Where they are located
  • What locations they are allowed to buy for
  • Enables a company to control
  • Dollar amount spent per buyer
  • Dollar amount spent per location
  • Products each buyer views

Product Features

  • Real time order history
  • Budgeting
  • Quick order entry
  • PO tracking
  • Receiving
  • Report writer
  • On-line receiving
  • Real time inventory