New Synthetic Paper YUPO

100% waterproof, tear and stain resistant, prints beautifully, available in opaques and translucent. Ultra smooth Polypropylene makes incredibly strong and reusable shopping bags.

Environmental considerations:

No Ozone layer threatening emissions resulting from the manufacturing process. It is  100% recyclable and generates no detectable amounts of sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen or dioxide gas when properly incinerated.

Modern Arts and DuPont Partner on Tyvek Shopping Bags Project

Only now are we realizing the tremendous advantages of using Tyvek for shopping bags.  Tyvek is considerably stronger than non-woven base material so it is much more “reusable” and has a much longer usable life.  And Tyvek is washable in a way that non-wovens aren’t.

Tyvek can be printed in sophisticated designs and a full spectrum of colors.

So we at Modern Arts are teaming up with our partners at DuPont, and our colleagues at a manufacturing plant south of the border, to experiment with making Tyvek shopping bags in exciting shapes, new sizes and vibrant colors.

We’ll keep you posted on how it works out.