Thinking Differently: Leaders of Innovation, Apple Patents Environmentally Friendly Paper Shopping Bag

Photograph: USPTO

Apple has long been at the forefront of the consumer electronic industry. Impacting and forever changing culture and societies across the globe through innovation and ingenuity.

In the summer of 2015, the founder of Modern Arts Packaging was reading an article about Apple’s new highly anticipated, self-sufficient headquarters being built in Cupertino, CA. As a frequent Apple Store patron, he was surprised to realize that such a forward thinking and ECO conscious company was still getting their shopping bags so wrong.

At the time, Apple was using a plastic shopping bag in their retail stores. The environmental impact of this bag, clearly visible to any stalwart of ECO packaging, stuck out like a “sore thumb” from Apple’s environmentally sustainable corporate culture.

Modern Arts approached Apple with our founders concerns at the time and provided details on how their shopping bags could be more in tune with their corporate stance. So it was satisfying to see the news of their paper shopping bag patent being published September 15, 2016 – showing Apple’s brand innovation is still strongly intact.

Retail Packaging Is An Extension Of Brand Experience

Apple places a substantial amount of focus and emphasis on the design of their products. So it is not only smart, but also not very surprising to see the same effort put into developing their new shopping bag. Patenting the end product only further substantiates Apple’s firm position as an environmentally sensitive organization. Displaying the same determination to make an impact and steer future trends seen from the products they provide.

Apple’s shopping bag now echoes and enhances their branded consumer experience. This improvement in consistency by translating core company beliefs to their shopping bag was not done by accident. The value of extending brand recognition through consumer experiences is essential to making a mark in today’s retail environment.

A shopping bag creates a physical and emotional connection to the customer and is a key component to any branded consumer experience. A well designed bag creates a memorable message that helps facilitate a mental investment. Apple understands this, and as they typical do, set out to over-achieve with their contribution to paper shopping bag innovation

More About Apples Shopping Bag Patent

Patent Number – US 20160264304

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