7 Steps to “Get Real” with Environmentally Conscious Retail Packaging

How can a retailer produce their packaging with style and promotional value  while meeting the best ECO practices?

It starts with the gold standard when it comes to saving energy, natural resources and money – The three R’s:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

  1. Start with base paper that utilizes 40%, 80% or 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW)
  2. Extra attention to the handle design being recycled paper or utilizing a unique die cut.
  3. A single material (mono-material) will make recycling your packages after its useful life much more likely with traditional waste streams.
  4. Design mechanical construction to increase reusability. Add support pieces at critical tear points. All elements should be a recycled and recyclable mono-material.
  5. Manufacture as near to final delivery location to best reduce carbon footprint of your logistics.
  6. Design and resize your packaging to be the most efficient sizes possible to help reduce materials.
  7. Utilize FFC papers:

Value Engineering Hint: By eliminating handle material and developing a signature shaped die-cut handles, you can lower your total production costs.

Packaging Designer Hint: Not only can a signature die-cut handle save on production costs, it also creates a unique promotional opportunity by adding a signature design element to your packaging.