12 Shopping Bags from Holiday Seasons Past

historical holiday shopping bags

What Would The Holiday Season Be Like Without Shopping Bags?

How would our gifts accompany us home through the hustle and bustle of busy holiday shoppers?

What would keep prying eyes from a glimpse of the surprises tucked away in our closets and spare rooms?

Retailers have designed signature holiday shopping bags for many years. Working with some of the most creative minds of the time to customize their bags from season to season.

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Thinking Differently: Leaders of Innovation, Apple Patents Environmentally Friendly Paper Shopping Bag

Photograph: USPTO

Apple has long been at the forefront of the consumer electronic industry. Impacting and forever changing culture and societies across the globe through innovation and ingenuity.

In the summer of 2015, the founder of Modern Arts Packaging was reading an article about Apple’s new highly anticipated, self-sufficient headquarters being built in Cupertino, CA. As a frequent Apple Store patron, he was surprised to realize that such a forward thinking and ECO conscious company was still getting their shopping bags so wrong.
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The True Cost of Fashion and the Shopping Bags It Leaves The Store In

The True Cost Movie is a must see to fully understand the darker side of fashion manufacturing and production.

After you view this stunning and groundbreaking documentary you will easily make the connection from the garments and accessories that are the subject of this film to the bags, boxes and packaging those items go home with the consumer in.

Another stark reminder of the need for responsibly sourcing your retail packaging. At Modern Arts we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging and shopping bags. Our production facilities are also highly responsible and held to strict labor standards.

Just as consumers should be demanding more responsibility from the companies supply our clothing, the same should be true for custom retail packaging and shopping bags.

Packaging News Alert: Self-Serving Data Endangers Legitimacy and Use of 40% PCW Content Legislation.

The Rise of Self-Serving Data: A Growing Problem in The Packaging Industry.

Self-serving data refers to claims or “guarantees” issued by best parties, such as paper mills that are selling paper; converting mills that are selling packaging; and governments that are supporting or subsidizing commerce for export. Each of these official bodies can issue documents/letters asserting the 40% PCW content of shopping bags, as an example, which when tested by “third-party” accredited labs in the USA yields different or inconclusive results.

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Chanel Bag

Use Promotional Shopping Bag for Strengthening Your Brand

For an average consumer a shopping bag is just a simple object with two handles used for carrying shopping or grocery items which are commonly made from paper, plastic or other material which are durable enough to hold and transport items from the stores to their homes or other places. But for the seller it is not just a bag, for them the design and quality of the bag is part of their branding and marketing strategy. Business owners are aware of the two main functions of shopping bags in their business: first they are created to help buyers have a great shopping experience by providing them shopping bags that can carry all the goods that they bought. Second, it is the most cost-effective business promotional materials that they can give to their customers.

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The Reusable E-Bag


* Folded Pocket Size: 6″ x 6″
* Size: 6″w x 10″g x 16″ tall -bags suggested 1 size only
* Base Material: 75 gram PP Black non-woven
* Construction: Bottom gusset with two reinforcements and the bag has 2 pleats (of 3″ each) and a front and back – opens
* Handle: 5mm PP soft rope handle weaves in and out of entire top

The “E” Bag is the best designed reusable bag in the world! These facts about the “E” Bags were considered in its design:

1. For maximum reuse, bags must be easily carried and accessible.
2. The “E” Bag is designed to fold easily in a pocket or a purse.
3. The “E” Bag is light, yet very strong. Its patented design allows it to expand in to a large carrier, similar in size to a Jumbo shopping bag
4. Durability tests show that “E” Bags can be carried each day for over a year.
5. It can be carried in three ways: Over the shoulder, as a backpack or hand held
6. The bags are washable
7. “E” Bags are a great and valued promotional tool, a walking billboard in the form of reusable bags that keeps on walking!